Classical Revolution PDX is known as a different kind of classical music organization. We welcome players from all backgrounds, we encourage informal enjoyment, we participate in the Portland underground scene and we love to bring classical music into venues where it isn’t normally heard.

We’re also a different kind of nonprofit. With no paid staff and a strong grassroots community, we do a lot with very little, producing dozens of public classical music events per year.

Our popular “chamber jam” program is self-sustaining, making enough in small donations at each event to cover basic operational costs of the organization and sometimes making enough to fund other performances.

Your donation helps us with our other most important programs: our performance series and outreach series, both of which support local classical freelance musicians. In fact a majority of our yearly budget goes directly to musician compensation.

In this time of dwindling music education budgets and under-employed musicians hustling to find gigs, we play an important supplemental part in the Portland arts community. Be a hero of the revolution and offer your support today!