Our Manifesto

We love classical music.

We love playing classical music.

We love listening to classical music.

We are tired of the elitist and inaccessible nature of the classical world.

We believe that there are many that would enjoy classical music if they could access it in a setting that is comfortable for them.

We believe classical musicians should be allowed to perform in a setting that is more casual – where the audience is allowed to have a drink, eat a scone, laugh a little, and clap a lot.

We believe everyone can enjoy the music that we love.

–Mattie Kaiser, Founder of Classical Revolution PDX

Our Mission

Our mission is to make classical music more accessible.

What others are saying about us

American Way “Our idea is to reclaim classical music and bring it to the people.” – Charith Premawardhana, founder of Classical Revolution SF

CreatEquity  “Recent and upcoming programming has included tangoes, an indie rock band, and a tribute to the Velvet Underground, as well as works by contemporary composers…”

Musical Oozings “Classical Revolution has been incorporated as a nonprofit!”

New York Times “Classical Revolution isn’t your typical classical concert. The venue feels more like your living room than a concert hall.”

Northwest Reverb “On Friday night, [the composer] challenged the audience to listen closely, and to determine for themselves what it is that links composers who create music on laptops with those who write traditional acoustic chamber music.”

OPB Arts & Life “Have you ever made a deal with the devil,” she asked, “and what did you get?” “Yeah,” he said, “I got the ability to play the violin on the electric guitar.”

Oregon Arts Watch “This lively engaged audience is also something new. I’ve not seen it at worshipful classical music concerts nor have I seen it at traditional open mics. This audience weighs in on new works by composers present at the jam. It’s convivial, it’s praise-ful, it’s full of great ideas. Everyone feels like a peer — composers, performers, audience.”

Oregon Music News – Composers On the CRPDX composers string quartet competition.

Oregon Music News – Bachxing Day “…there’s a lot of mixing it up, but a lot of it is standard, it’s just…how we want to phrase it, how we want to do it.”

Oregon Live “The music’s changing and maybe the organizations should too.”

Portland Center Stage “CRPDX have lent their talents to locals like Rachel Taylor Brown, Sophie Lux, Loch Lomond and Matt Sheehy, and see no contradiction in playing everything from Bach, Bartok and Beethoven to Philip Glass and Queen.”

Portland Tribune “This show will either blow your mind or cause you to boycott public radio forever. Either way, it’s a bold experiment that should be applauded and we hope replicated everywhere.”

San Francisco Classical Voice “Chamber music for everyone.”

Wall Street Journal “The alt-classical surge hits the Northwest.”

Willamette Week – No Tux Please, We’re Jamming “It has to be more about the music.”

Willamette Week – Furniture Music “I want to do guerilla chamber music.”