March Forth into Classical Revolution PDX 2o18!

We heard you. You want the chamber jams back. We’re reviving them beginning on March 4, 2018. We’ll be in room #326 (the small recital hall) at Lincoln Hall on the PSU campus, 1620 SW Park Ave. CRPDX is breaking with tradition just this once and holding a jam in a more “traditional” venue. We want to provide an atmosphere where people will be comfortable having a community meeting. A special bonus will be a better than usual piano.

  • CRPDX Community Meeting: 6:30 pm
    We’ll be sharing our mission and vision, introducing the current board and key volunteers. We also want to hear from you and get your involvement and help in keeping the chamber jams going. Volunteers are most welcome!
  • Chamber Jam: 7:30 pm
    Why wait another month? We’ll integrate the feedback from the meeting for future jams. But let’s start making music now! Please join our Google Group to sign up and have access to our online sign-up/jam planner,
  • Chamber Jam Guest Group: Trio Musicorum Medicorum
    What do you get when you put a dentist, naturopath, and physician together? Well, if the dentist plays violin, the naturopath plays piano, and the physician is a cellist, you’ve got the Trio Musicorum Medicorum! All three have music degrees, but play more for the love of music than anything else.

You might be asking, who or what is the CRPDX community? If you are a musician, composer, or classical music lover in the Portland area and you want to make classical music more accessible to people who wouldn’t or couldn’t hear it otherwise, then you are the CRPDX community.

We hope to see you on March 4!