Call for Proposals

Location: Dante’s
Date:  Saturday, August 20, 2016
Time: Evening show [sound check from 4pm, call time at 7pm, show from 8 to 10pm]


What’s your spin?

Classical Revolution PDX seeks proposals from musicians (instrumentalists, singers, ensembles, soloists, sound artists, composers, arrangers, sound designers, DJs, performance artists, etc.) for our upcoming summer showcase MUSIC FROM HELL!

A night of music on the theme of Hell. Send us your creative proposals: a take on the Dies Irae, an inventive rendition of Devil’s Trill, themes of Hades and the underworld, perversions of the sacred, sinfully beautiful sonorities, repertoire featuring diabolical technique, composers that went through a personal hell (maybe that’s you).

Proposals can be standard repertoire, inventive renditions and reimaginings of the canon, new music, or works newly composed for this show (including electro-acoustic music).

Proposals should also strongly consider including an interdisciplinary component such as video art/projection, dance or kinetic arts, theatrical integrations, costume design, special effects make-up, etc. We want musicians that are reaching into other artist communities to give us inventive collaborations, great aesthetics, and an immersive vibe. Keep the CRPDX audience in mind. Entertain, delight, and blow us away with your vision.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Classical Revolution PDX, who we are, and what we do, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the organization by visiting our website, reading our mission statement, joining our Google Group (where you can meet musicians and collaborators), and by reading our review in Oregon Artswatch where our last showcase concert was called one of 2015’s “best classical concerts” and praised for its relevance, tight production, and use of multimedia.

Proposal Scope

1. Length of set = 5 – 12 minutes.

2. Original compositions and inventive reimaginings encouraged.

3. Library works that conjure “Hell” for you, are welcomed.

4. Musicians encouraged to collaborate with another artist in dance, movement, visual art, theater, etc.

5. Think about how your music and proposal is tied to the theme and how it is tied to the classical music tradition. Feel free to get creative!

6. Think about Dante’s and how you can use the space in immersive and inventive ways.  Go scope it out in advance of submitting your proposal, if needed.

7. Check out Dante’s tech and equipment specs. Confirm that between house equipment and your own performance equipment, you have the right technical gear for your proposal.  

8. Classical Revolution PDX will provide a projector and screen, full sound support, non-moving but colored lights and haze machine, and a baby grand piano for the show.


1. Artist compensation: $125/person (musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, etc.).

2. New Musical Works compensation: maximum $125/act. To be paid to the person or persons (a composer or collaborative ensemble, for example) who create new works or inventive reimaginings specifically for the Music from Hell program.

To submit a proposal, send an email to with the following information:

1. Your name.

2. Name of your ensemble, if applicable.

3. How many minutes your set runs.

4. An outline of what you will present at Music from Hell: the music program (and the interdisciplinary collaboration if applicable).

5. Explain how your proposal relates to the classical music tradition and the theme. Feel free to get creative!

6. Explain how you plan to use Dante’s in an immersive or inventive way.

7. List your technical requirements.

8. Do you have, and know how to use, the required equipment for your proposal? Y/N.

9. Names of any interdisciplinary collaborators you are teaming up with.

10. Bio and links to examples of your work and your collaborators’ work.

11. Are all your musicians and other collaborators confirmed for the project? Y/N.

Submission Deadline: June 4, 2016

Notification of Selections: June 20, 2016

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to email with questions and ideas,

Your CRPDX board