What is Classical Revolution PDX?

Classical Revolution PDX is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching and educating our community by making classical music accessible to the public. We allow people to hear classical music in their everyday lives by taking chamber music out of the recital hall and playing it in alternative venues. We strive to preserve and revitalize classical music to make the public aware that this music can be enjoyed by anyone. It is our goal to broaden the definition of chamber music and make it a vibrant part of our community. We believe that when we play chamber music, we create that community, and anyone can be involved regardless of income, race, class, gender or age.

Classical Revolution is also—and more importantly—a community of musicians and composers who share the vision of making classical music more accessible. Classical music lovers are welcome too!

Be Part of Our Monthly Chamber Jams

A more or less  “open mic” for classical music and classical musicians. Prepared performances, sight-reading, and ad hoc. Professionals, hobbyists, and beginners making music. Join our Google Group to coordinate with other musicians and composers.

Chamber Jam at The Waypost the Second Sunday of Every Month.

Please note that we’ve also moved to late afternoons 4:30 – 7 pm . The Waypost does allow minors at this time of day, so let’s spread the excitement to the next generation of classical players and fans.

Sunday, February 9, 2020    Time: 4:30 – 7 pm

3120 N. Williams Ave.   Portland, OR